Black dot on Balenciaga leather

  1. I'm just curious how many of you have black or other color dots on your leather? Balenciaga told me it was normal and part of the leather pigmentation process.
  2. I have a magenta that has a couple black specs and I think my blue india has one or two. Doesn't really bother me though.
  3. My Jaune City has some tiny black spots too but not enough to worry me.
  4. My jaune has one tiny dot but I love it so much that I can live with it, lol!!
    Glad I'm not the only one and I guess it's normal!
  5. my BI has a couple of dots
  6. There's a couple on my Jaune and Vert Gazon days and my rouge vif twiggy ( now re-homed) had them, as well. I think it happens on the more vivid/saturated colors, but I have no idea why.
  7. My Rouille City has some too: only noticed upon really close micro-inspection though.
  8. I think they all have it, mine do. If you ask BalNY, for example, they will probably tell you it is a "normal part or the dying and distressing process and only adds to the vintage look of the leather, blah blah blah...."
  9. My Rouge Vif has red dots but that's the only one I've seen any on.
  10. My Jaune SGH Day has a few of them, but they are itsy bitsy, super tiny, and are not visible unless under uber scrutiny.
  11. Hi All,
    I have a beautiful, hand picked by Daphne, city in Jaune and the color is gorg and the leather is smooshy but... When I received her there were small black "dots" or marks on the leather.:crybaby: Has anyone else had this problem?
  12. No, no marks on my Jaune Work. It is probably just a natural mark in the grain. But maybe not. Do you have pics?
  13. Yes I do have pics but am not sure how to post them. They are very small and look like very faint pin point ink marks except they are dyed into the leather if that makes any sense.
    They had to be picked up in the dying process and I only noticed after reading a few auctions on eBay about Jaunes with small "marks" on them and looking at mine.
  14. If you aren't happy you should return it and demand a flawless item, she sent me a scratchy and scuffy LE Mangenta and wasn't happy when I told her I didn't like the bag she sent because of the flaws, I returned it and she finally sent me the flawless LE Magenta.
  15. just enlarge the photos and post it as an attachment. if you are not happy with your bag, i would exchange it for another one.