Black Dolce (with OP lining)

  1. I still have not gotten over my obsession with dolces yet but I try to be rational and be very selective on what to buy.:p Recently, I came across a black dolce (with OP lining) going for about US$100. I am actually not so thrilled with the all black look but I am kinda attracted by the coloured hardware and OP lining. Do you think I should get it? :confused1: For some of you who has one, do you find the black a little "boring" compared to the other toki prints? Need some advice here. TIA:smile:
  2. I have a black dolce with OP lining and I love it. If you aren't really thrilled with it being black maybe consider looking for a OP dolce rather than black? The colored hardware does come off though.
  3. I am in love with my Black/OP Bella Bella. It's the perfect everyday bag, because it goes with everything and I don't have to worry about it not coordinating with work-week looks.
    I have a new Trasporto Dolce that I'm going to use as an evening bag, for dates and stuff. I think a black Dolce would be pretty useful because black is more versatile, and it's not a total compromise because of it's cheery interior, hardware and beads.
    It's your $, though. Only spend serious dough on stuff you're absolutely crazy about. Stuff you're not so crazy about, make sure you get it marked down, so if you want to you can flip it easily later if you need to.
  4. I agree, very well put. I wish I has a Black and OP bella :crybaby:... Meh- I wish I found out I loved bellas eariler on
  5. I have an Original Black in Scuola, Bella Bella and Denaro and I got a Luna for my ex - pretty much sums up my feelings toward the print. :love:
    I'd say go for it IF the price is right.
    It's good for times you wanna use a Toki but don't wanna be too 'loud' - and it's much cuter than a Notte because of the colored hardware and Original Print lining. :yes:
    Hope you can find one that doesn't dent the pocket too much ;)
  6. I just bought a black bella w/OP lining and love it! I figured it'll be for the occasions that I need to go with a more subtle bag, that would look ok with dressier work attire, but isn't as boring as the notte with the silver hardware. If you think it's a good price and think you'll use it, go for it! :tup:
  7. I think the Original Black is awesome... it's really versatile and a lot cuter than Notte or fumo that have the silver hardware. I say "GO FOR IT"... i have a Black Bella Bella and a BV....
  8. I want something in black or white because I think the rainbow hardware looks awesome against it!
  9. Thanks, everyone, for your inputs and your different perspectives. I do agree that black would be versatile, even for more serious occassions and the coloured hardware looks great on black. I had a quick look again at how much I had spent on toki bags in last few months. It freaked me out!:wtf: So.... I have decided to give this a miss given its not so low price and probably search for an OP dolce which I believe would be a real challenge. Thanks, ladies, once again for giving sound advice.:yes:
  10. i never thought i'd buy a solid print.
    but i've had such an urge to buy something in bianco!
    either a bella or a gioco.
    i'm hoping it'll go down to 50% off in the outlets or something.
    i'd rather but all the prints i want first but oh man, the white fabric & gold hardware & rainbow zippers are sooooo pretty to me!
  11. Yeah but I loathe Adios Star, which is why I'm holding off on getting anything in Bianco.
  12. I was sniped by $1 on an Original Black/OP Caramella last night on eBay. I daydreamed for about 30 seconds too long at the end of the auction and lost it. :crybaby:

    I don't have any thing in original print, and still no Caramella. Boo hoo. :smile:

  13. Oooh, I was watching that one too! But I just bought a caramella at Hawaii retail, so I didn't want to buy another one so soon.
  14. I always told myself that I'm not paying the price of a Toki if it isn't cute so solids were out. But I now have two solids. One is a notte bella bella which I've only used once or twice. The other is my recent purchase a used black campeggio which I got really cheap on eBay. I have only used the Campeggio once but I LOVE the solid color. I added a silver solid cat qee to it to add a little sparkle and it matches the hardware. I think the light colored leather accents look fabulous with the bag. And it will be nice to have a solid purse so I can once again wear my print shirts which have been replaced with solids lately. I like to wear a solid color shirt so my purses stand out and don't clash.