Black disco and navy blue disco

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  1. I already own a black disco! I like it so much that I would like to add another color. I m looking to get the navy blue, but again thinking that it may be too close to black. I m not a red person, and I m afraid of getting the rose beige because I pretty much live in dark denim. Are there any other choices out there? I would appreciate if you all help me decide! TIA!
  2. Well, I think red would look great with dark denim. Or the navy would also. Color transfer will be an issue if you live in dark denim, so that might eliminate any light-colored disco. Supposedly, we all need a red bag( I do not have one yet.) The red disco is so rich!
  3. I own rise beige and love it but if your not sure about it then maybe not. Isn't there a new navy with red straps? I also saw a taupe metallic yesterday but not sure if metallics still widely available.
  4. I really like the @snibor idea of the navy with the red strap.

    If you live in dark denim, love dark bags and looking for an alternative to black (and avoiding the dreaded colour-transfer) I would have thought it would be just about perfect (actually, I love that cw and am considering it myself).
  5. I am looking to add another disco to my collection. I already have one in black and like to buy another one. I am not impressed with the colors right now except navy! Others like rose beige and red doesn't fit in my lifestyle. Also, I am not into the color block ones. Anybody know if they will come up with more solid colored discos for fall like teal, pink or burgundy? Any Intel would be appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
  6. Since the thread is about the same dilemma I've merged the thread about the situation = carry on :tup:
  7. Since the thread is about the same dilemma I've merged the thread about the situation = carry on :tup:
  8. Navy with red straps sounds perfect! If I were you I would go with a color block one or the navy. Navy is such a great neutral
  9. If only they had an oxblood/maroon colour! I, too wear a lot of black/dark denim and I find red too bright/loud for me, I think a soho disco in oxblood would be perfect :biggrin:
  10. Oh yes.. Oxblood would be perfect! :smile: