Black Diamonds

  1. Are there really black diamonds out there?

    Anyone here has it? Any pics to show?
  2. Yes, i have 2 black diamond bands (guards)
    they were quite popular a few years ago. with the right white diamond they are quite a look.
    if i ever get a mac compatible camera i will post.
  3. Any USB camera should be compatible with a Mac. :yes:

  4. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: Hope you can post the pics. I might want to get it for my wedding band if it's appropriate. :smile:
  5. Oh I have seen some amazingly beautiful black diamonds! A full strand just shimmers like nothing else! I've also seen some really ugly black diamonds and cloudy icky diamonds. Like everything, it will depend on the quality. One of these days I want to get some black diamond briolette style and create a pair of gold earrings. They're gorgeous in my head. :smile:
  6. Thanks Vlad! I'll try and see if my sister will give it back to me:rolleyes:
  7. i will try!
  8. Just type "black diamond" or "black diamond jewelry" into your favorite search engine. You will see tons of returns.

    I know it won't be TPF member's ring, but there are lots of rings with black diamonds out there.

  9. Yea. But most of them are photo edited. Fake sparkle, fake colour. I can even take a photo on my own diamond rind and change the colour and make it look gorgeous. :smile:
  10. Black diamonds in general don't sparkle because light doesn't penetrate them properly.

    I don't think most of them are photo edited. I did a search and found numerous rings from vendors I know are reputable. But the black diamonds they contain are tiny. I haven't seen a black diamond over like 15-25 points.
  11. I see. Thanks, for the info, salagator.
  12. hey, you're in australia! home of the beautiful browns!!! i love brown diamonds!
  13. I have a large pendant with black and white diamonds. I'm not that thrilled with it, but it's a fun look. I wouldn't spend a whole lot on them. The look reminds me of marcasite but not a shiny, IMHO. And a previous poster shares my POV that light doesn't penetrate them so you don't get the luster and sparkle of colored diamonds. These are nearly or completely opaque. I would take a picture but it is in the vault and hard to access.

  14. i have a cross pendant that has black white and yellow diamonds and i get so many compliments on it....the diamonds are tiny but they sparkle like no other....will try to post photos of it for you tonight's not much but i love it :love:
  15. I have a black diamond band. I also have various hematite pieces, and to be totally honest, they almost look the same. I would rather have my champagne diamond back that was stolen during a move, which was the color of tea. It was stunning!