Black diamonds

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  1. I recently bought a ring from Zales and it has a few black diamonds mixed with a gemstone and white diamonds and the contrast is nice, but the black diamonds don't sparkle. To me they might as well be onyx. So, I'm not sure what you are expecting of the black diamonds, but I hope this helps.
  2. Hahaha thanks. Im not really to sure what im expecting in the picture i like the way it looks. My boyfriend prob wont like it cause it dont sparkle and he like the diamonds cause they are shinny and sparkly hahaha.
  3. i don't have a ring with black diamonds, but have this necklace that i wear everyday. i love it and get lots of compliments on it.

  4. Onegirlcreative - Nice picture, I love the colored gum behind the necklace.

    Manda90 - Zales has a really good return policy, I think it's 90 days or something, so you can always order it and see if you like it and if not return it. The white diamonds on it should sparkle in contrast, so your boyfriend might still like it. =)
  5. Black diamonds have more of a sheen to them than a sparkle. They do look like a well cleaned piece of onyx. They're very pretty and make for a unique piece of jewelry! :smile:

    A friend received a black diamond engagement ring and ended up getting a mixed white and black diamond wedding band to go with it. She preferred the look of a black diamond to a white one and her set is beautiful.
  6. DH and I have black diamond rings that we had custom made for Christmas a couple of years ago. The center stone is the black diamond (I think they're each about 2 carats), and then they are accented with small white diamonds. They are both set in rose and white gold. We both LOVE them and get a ton of compliments.

    To me, they are more dark dark gray than they are black, and they're not quite as opaque as onyx - I can definitely see the depth and glassiness in ours. (I have found that smaller black diamonds do look very black - it may be the carat size that makes ours look a tad lighter/steelier.) They do have a sheen to them, almost like an oil puddle.
  7. haha. thanks!!! i love my gumball machine except now it's filled with peanut butter m&m's. :graucho:
  8. I'm looking for a pinky ring with a black diamond. I think it would be very cool.
  9. Thank you guys. I Know i really like that ring.

    mlopez149- im glad that zales has a good return policy cause the ring is only online and that is true since there are still diamonds he still might like it. I mean i guess its a good thing that he likes diamonds good for me hehe.
  10. I have a ring with black diamonds, & I love it. it definitely sparkles more than black onyx. I want to have the prongs plated with black rhodium though.

  11. ^^ Holy nail polish! Love it, where did you find it?

    *Sorry for the thread jack!*
  12. gorgeous, frick & frack. i love it!!!!
  13. ^LOL!!! it's a design created by member asamiramirez called "space nails." it's actually 4 different nail polishes. here are the instructions (about half way down the page):

    & my version of space nails is found here:

    ^thank you!
  14. I like black diamonds. They do sparkle, but it is totally different than other diamonds. I like black and white stones mixed together too. The band is cute.