Black diamonds?

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  1. I see these on the shopping channels-black diamonds and chocolate diamonds. Can these really be diamonds? Wouldn't they just be gemstones? I am asking because I am seeing a very nice 1.5 carat black diamond solitaire pendant and am interested in purchasing it but am not sure. thanks!
  2. they are considered diamonds due to the hardness scale and properties of a diamond. rated 10! so only another diamond can scratch it.

    (looks up.. how did that post get there??)
  3. From what I understand, black diamonds that are truly that shade are rare and many out there have been treated to make them darker (I assume they were a gray or other dark shade before). Please someone correct/add if I miss something. I think they are more porous though, due to chemical composition/carbon structure???

    As for chocolate diamonds, I think these are simply diamonds that are brown- i.e. ones that would not have been set into jewelry years ago and used for other purposes due to the color. Some places group champagne into this category. I think calling them chocolate is simply marketing because that sounds more appealing than "brown" diamonds.

    ETA: Here is a link regarding colored diamonds and has some photos of the various shades, including browns and black (and other info too)
  4. thanks guys!
  5. Great link! Thanks!
  6. Black diamonds are just stones with such a high content of inclusions,it makes them appear black,if you looked at one under a microscope with the right lighting,you can indeed see 'clear' patches in them.They are'nt paticularly rare,they are just rarely used in jewellery compared to their whiter cousins,and the fact they are a little more prone to damage.
    A black diamond that size is best worn in a pendant,it'll get less 'wear' than a ring stone,and be safer,black diamonds by their nature and the inclusions they possess can be a little fragile,as the strong structure of the diamonds bonding is 'interupted' by the prescence of so many inclusions.
  7. I am really into champagne and cognac diamonds. I love how they have a wide range of colors and still have the properties of a diamond aka hardness.
  8. I love colored diamonds. The larger colored ones are going to be more expensive but I scored some rough natural diamonds in black and in a milky white that I think are gorgeous. They still sparkle brilliantly.



    Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. :smile: Probably earrings or a pendant necklace. But I love how rough and organic they are.
  9. As for black diamonds, I think it depends on the stone and the lighting. The photo above is very pretty but not anything like the black diamonds I own or have seen in the marketplace. A majority of the black diamonds I've seen resemble onyx, they are that black. Only sparkle comes from light bouncing off exterior facets, no shimmer internally.
  10. I dont link black diamonds as a real diamond...for me the brillance of a diamond is not there...but it is really unique and is a lovely piece of jewlery for sure....

    There are some colored diamonds that are nice but there is alot more that are just bad colors that is marketed....the only colored diamonds that still retain the sparkle for me is the Canary...all others seems a bit dull and Id rather have the white ones instead....
  11. I think black diamonds are lovely, but it really depends on the setting. If you have one all by itself, I'm not sure how much it will resemble a diamond, unless you tell someone... usually if they're in a cluster of white diamonds it's more obvious (and prettier, I think)
  12. i love black diamonds.
    in fact my dream ring is a de grisogono black diamond pavé ring with a marquise ruby.
  13. and here's another de grisogono ring, white gold and a 4.48ct black diamond
  14. My best friend's E-ring is a 2 CT black diamond. It is a round cut and dark like onyx. She has it in a pretty cool tension type setting...I happen to have a pic of it I took after she got married.

    You can't see the cool setting from the pic, but you can see the whole diamond all the way around. Where the prongs are it goes down around the sides into the band part and there is nothing else around the diamond at all.. there is no bottom of the ring. If That makes sense at all.

    This is what they wanted and she loves it except she says it shows fingerprints easily. Her DH has a thick band with a small black diamond set in it.

    Sorry my pic is kinda bad.

  15. ^^^
    that's so cool.
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