Black denim XL handbag

  1. Anyone with a photo or dimensions of the black XL coming out in Nov.? It is suppose to be like a really big pleaty/onatah according to the 866 SA. Would love more info...wondering if it will be hotter than the neocabby if that is possible....
  2. Check out the F/W reference thread....tons of pics in there!
  3. what page I scanted through it and only found the neocabby pics....okay found it on page dimensions thought and not sure if it could be worn on the the look not the price...wonder why it is so much more than the cabby???
  4. its on, if it wasnt so ROUND like, I would buy it in blue :smile:
  5. Where are you seeing it on I can't seem ot find it.
  6. I've only seen the cabby on not the denim XL. Whrere did you find it?