Black Denim: what bags are being produced?

  1. Sooooo.....can anyone confirm which bags are being produced in the black denim line? (Aside from cabby and handbag XL)

  2. id like to know too, i love the black.
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  3. i wanna know as well.
  4. I don't know anything about this but when my SA called to tell me my Black Cabby came in I asked if she thought it'd be okay to wait and she told me that she was told that Paris is way back logged in its production and long waitlists for the Black Cabby so she wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get one later. Therefore, I had to just close my eyes and buy her.
  5. ^^^oh wow really? That sucks! I'm not planning on buying one right away....but was hoping sometime this fall!
  6. I think there will be more black cabbys later on.
  7. I think so too since they are already on eLuxury.
  8. I cant find them on elux, please where are they?
  9. black denim XL will be released in is suppose to be like a really big mini SA said it is a cross between the onatah and the mini pleaty (much larger)...hobo style.....
  10. Oh I hope LV will have plenty of cabby available later in the year. trying to save up for it.
  11. i am hoping to buy a cabby in Sept, I hope they are available then. gone on eluxury already.
  12. is the cabby going to be perminent?
  13. BTW, also asked my SA if Black was permanent and she said that it's like Lichen and Fuschia--will be around for a couple of seasons. Should be interesting to see when the next shipments come in.
  14. i can also confirm this. my SA said "permanent for a few seasons" haha the most oxymoron statement i've heard.