Black Denim Sighting!

  1. Yesterday at LV in Saks, Bal Harbour Shoppes (N. Miami, FL), I was shown the black denim LV. It was all sold out but the SA took out one already promised to a customer, to show me. It looks kinda like the Trouville and is a beauty but I was a little disappointed in the color. At first I thought it was a dark navy. Its actually kinda of a stonewashed black........but i guess a true dark black would be hard to do in denim...................anyway, its a great bag but imo, anyone who has the denim Neo probably won't gravitate towards this bag, just not different enough. It didnt cast a spell on me like the TDF patchwork denim Speedy...........which i think, for a denim bag, is fabulous.
  2. I got the black denim cabby today. I love it, but you're right.....I love my patchwork speedy a tad bit more!!!! LOL
  3. I have one on hold. I think the gm would be a great travel bag.

  4. ^^^^^^^

    Yeah!!!! I made the right decision !!!!! <--just bought the LE gris speedy....
  5. I bought the MM in both colors.At first...I admit..The black looked washed out to me..Then it really grew on me.So I can understand your opinion of it too!I adore the textured handles on the black version...very different.Its a fun bag...not for everyone.I personally found the patchwork too busy for my lifestyle so this one fit my lifestyle better.I still like all the denim bags though.I have the GM CRUISE denim bag..and ALWAYS travel with it!
  6. I cant wait till i can see them in real life.
  7. Jill! i totally get what you mean about "growing on you" i posted this thread yesterday and something mysterious happened overnight, i love the black now! :p:yahoo:

    how much is it? i didnt now it was called a Cabby, so mentioned trouville which is what it reminded me of................does LV make a dunce cap i can wear? :roflmfao:

    the story about your PHH at LV made me laugh hysterically..................i can imagine the SAs trying to stifle giggles.......
  8. The denim patchwork is so beautiful. I am new to LV and so sad I missed this one. I bought the denim cabby in black yesterday. I didn't want to risk missing the boat on this one as well.
  9. I still don't like it, but I love the GM cabby in the regular denim!