Black Denim * Pics *

  1. I know this will proably be moved...

    I am sure most of us saw the black in that one FLICKR website but here are a few more pics, hope these were not posted

    Zephyr Sneaker $480.00
    Gypse Thong $530.00

  2. OMG!! HOT!!! Thanx for the pix!!
  3. HOT!!! i love the black!
  4. The Zephyr's look sooo comfy!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics Matty! :heart:.
  5. Very nice.
  6. AbFab!:tup: I want!:yes:
  7. oh, also new f/w shoes for men and women are up on! not all styles though, they are still updating and the price in euros if you view the french site like me, I think are wrong because the gypse thongs come out to be more $ than they are on eluxury right now, so don't go off those prices :smile:

    love the new mc shoes for women with the studs! HOT!
  8. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  9. lub that black denim! Thanx for the pics - can't wait for bags to be in black denim!
  10. Nice, cant wait to see the denim bags :biggrin:
  11. oh cant wait to see this black denim made in bags :rolleyes:
  12. Some other shoes I like for this f/w
  13. Yep that is Moka Epi and Mini lin!
  14. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe the prices for the sandals:wtf:
  15. yay! Thanks for the pics!!!