Black Denim Neo Cabby MMmmmmmm

  1. For some reason, I thought this bag was going to be too big for little old me, but it's not. It's perfect. They had it on display at the LV in Manhasset today and I tried it on, drooled and decided I could get lots of use out of it. I will be joining the rest of the Cabby Crew in less than 24 hours.

    BTW, anyone else notice that they're made in the USA?
  2. Dont forget pics when you bring it home !!
    (surprised it's made in USA, for a new release)...
  3. Oh you must post pics.
  4. I'm with you --- the size of the Neo Cabby is absolutely perfect!! I can't wait to get it --- don't know if I can hold out until after I get my gray Nimbus!!!
  5. I saw a black Neo Cabby MM on display today but they didn't have the blue one out. The store was quite busy so I didn't bother to ask if I could see it. I think I'm going against the odds but I may end up getting the blue instead of the black. From the pics I've seen I think I actually like the blue better. I'm not definitely going to say no to it until I actually can see both IRL tomorrow.
  6. Congrats! I'm officially in love with the Cabby's.
  7. Congrats!
    Can't wait to see some pics!
  8. I just posted pics..I got both colors.Its the BEST size ever..NOT too big..NOT too small......GO LV!LOL!
  9. Are these limited edition or permanent?? Anyone know
  10. It the first piece I love from the denim line... I am planning to get it in blue!
  11. the blue is definitely spectacular!
  12. Congrats restricter! Very exciting, I cannot wait to see pics of your new loot!
  13. Congrats!! Got mine in black today. It's a fabulous bag!!!!!
  14. I was'nt to crazy about the denim line until i saw the cabby. I love this bag
  15. Great choice. Please post pics when you get it, would love to see more cabby pics.:wlae: