black denim neo cabby gm VS palermo pm

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  1. hello everyone :smile: DH finally allowed me to go get something this week :yahoo: question is, Im torn between the black neo cabby gm and palermo pm. Aside from the price difference and size of the two, which would you prefer getting? Im more of a low maintenance type of girl. Can please please lovely ladies help me decide which one to get? :graucho: what are the pros and cons of getting a black neo cabby or a palermo?

  2. The pros of both bags are that, each comes with an additional strap other than the handles itself so you can choose to use the strap instead of the handles to put it over your shoulders.

    The con is that if you're not a fan of vachetta and patina, then, the Palermo PM might not be for you.

    I like the Black Denim Neo Cabby GM more + also the colour of its interior. Both are great bags.:smile:
  3. I personally love the black denim neo cabby gm. It's one of my favorite bags, so that gets my vote.
  4. i have the noir neo cabby mm and the palermo gm, different in size from the ones you're thinking about.. however...
    while i love both, i find the neo cabby more special in all aspects.. :heart:
  5. I like the palermo pm better
  6. I like the Palermo much better. It has that cute pleat and seems very effortless to carry.

    I always worry that the denim line just won't hold up for me over the years.
  7. black denim neo cabby!!! such a casual bag.... seems more less maintenance than the palermo due to the vachetta.
  8. Black Denim Neo Cabby GM.
  9. Palermo pm! I can't justify on getting fabric bag for leather bag price yet, that's just my opinion. The palermo is more a classic bag to me! ;)
  10. thanks LVisLVoe, eurogirrl, beljwl, kitsunnegrl, and WentworthRoth for your insights :smile: I think the palermo and the neo cabby are both great everyday bags but which one is better? aaaahhhh!!!

    IFFAH - the black neo cabby's interior is one reason why I like this bag. On the other hand, I also don't mind the vachetta and patina on the palermo. now im really torn :confused1: I want them both!!! :graucho: if only I can buy both of them at the same time LOL

    maryelle - DH also doesn't like bags with vachetta and patina but also finds the neo cabby pricey for a denim bag. makes it harder for me to decide :biggrin:

    kylienarak- DH also thinks the neo cabby is expensive for a denim bag which is why I think he wants me to get the palermo instead :lol:

    Im going to the store tomorrow so I really need to decide already which one to get. more info from my fellow tpfer are very much appreciated :yahoo: TIA!
  11. 100% black denim neo cabby gm.this is one of my wish list!! good luck.
  12. agree - palermo!
  13. Both are great bags, but the vachetta does require babying. I have the neo cabby gm and I love it. I bought it two summers ago and I use it all the time. It is a great all weather bag, it can be a little bit dressy and I love how it looks with casual outfits. I would get the neo cabby.
  14. meinjasse - oh me too!! it's on top of my wishlist but DH thinks its too expensive which is why I think he wants me to get the palermo instead lol

    inginga - thank you!! If only I can just get both bags. lol if I get the palermo, I am worried that it might easily look worn out since I plan on using it as my everyday bag.

    sarah2808 - I agree that the vachetta requires babying which is why Im reluctant of getting the palermo. I love both bags. I want to have them both! :yes:
  15. Agree!