BLACK denim neo cabby BLEEDS???

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  1. Hi! Just got the denim neo cabby mm in BLACK from our recent trip. Haven't used it yet coz a friend of mine mentioned that it bleeds :sad: She said she read it from a forum. Is that true? If you have tips on how to care for it or have had problems with your neo cabby, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. bleeding? really? i have a cabby mm and it hasn't happened to me. i haven't heard anything about that here. but who knows!
  3. I have the GM and I haven't had a problem either.

    Maybe if it got soaking wet, it might?
  4. hi caley! do you have the black or blue? how long have you been using it? i really hope my friend got a wrong info hehehe
  5. i have it in black. i bought it at launch which was in july of 07. i used it for 6 months straight....that's how much i love it hehehe.

    SweetPurple might have a point, i think if the bag got soaking wet, then it might bleed.

  6. I guess so :upsidedown: you didn't use any protectant spray before using it:confused1: and do you clean it before putting it back inside its protective bag? if yes, how?
  7. Sweetpurple thanks! Can't wait to use it now :biggrin: I guess i'll be using it a lot since summer has just started here.
  8. i have the black mm and nothing has ever bled, ever!
  9. oh you're going to think i'm a slob haha. i didn't put any kind of protectant on it and i don't clean it at all LOL.
  10. Congrats on the new bag (I adore their denim bags). I'd say just er on the side of caution and dont carry it when its raining/snowing without an umbrella. Enjoy it- no reason to have it and not carry it with pride
  11. No worries! I got caught in a major rainstorm with my Black GM and it was fine!
  12. thanks guys! really appreciate your time in answering my thread:love: now i can really enjoy using my new bag! :yahoo:
  13. I bought my black neo cabby in August when they first came out and I have used it almost every day since. We have had some wild snow storms this year in Toronto and I have had not had any trouble with it bleeding. I didn't protect it with anything because it is fabric and the leather has held up fine. It is in great condition so enjoy your bag.
  14. I haven't had any bleeding issues with my bag and I have gotten it pretty wet during some major texas storms since July.
  15. I have the black MM, which I got in Sept 07 and use often, including with light-coloured clothing. I have had no problems at all and I live in one of the rainiest cities in the world!