Black Day-Round 2

  1. I had bought a black RH Day last summer and decided to sell it (using good logic but inherently flawed because how can you not have a black BBag!?). I decided later that it was a mistake and bought another.

    Now I really see how each bag has its own personality when it comes to the leather. My first black Day had super distressed and veiny leather--so much so it almost had silver grey undertones. This one is much smoother and the color therefore seems deeper.

    So perhaps, this was karma. Round 2 is definitely better and you can bet I'm not letting this one go!

    Ever buy one, sell it, and get another of the exact same? Better or worse the second time around?
  2. I've been upstairs playing with my bags. I had thought I could never get rid of my black Marc Jacobs Stella. Now, I'm like "Stella who?"

    And I was selling my Sapin Day. (Logic: since I was getting a black Day I didn't need another dark colored Day bag. But that was based on the first black Day being so much lighter and therefore me not seeing much difference between the Sapin and the black.) Yet with the second black Day, there is a huge difference! And since I do adore the Sapin Day, I just ended the auction.

    Oh it's a happy day!!!
  3. I love that Sapin color - I just caught the "Bal Bug" and a Sapin Day was my first bag -I love that color and it goes with so much. Now, if it would stop raining here so I can actually use it;) Good choice on keeping it.
  4. hehehe, i've done a sort of a similar thing with the WORK style... I always thought that the WORK style was awesome (I still do but not on me :crybaby:) I bought a Blueberry one when it came out, I fully searched HIGH and LOW for one and then I got it and I was like, "hmmmm" and gave it to my best friend to use then SOLD it and then about a month ago I was like, "yeah yeah lets get another WORK" but it's still a no go for me... WORK style and Helen = :shrugs: just don't work... I think I just like the old old ones and not the brand new ones - omg, i shouldn't say such a thing :blush: I just love b-bags with a bit of character.
    I think once you find a B-Bag style that you love you should just ROCK it :supacool:
    I'm getting a DAY/HOBO soon I'm quite excited about it, I've never had one before but I think I'll enjoy using it way more than the WORK for sure...
    I'm glad that ROUND 2 for you worked out really well :nuts: