Black Day - RH or SGH?


Which Day Bag?

  1. SGH

  2. RH

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  1. I really want a black day... NM has both RH and SGH on hold for me. I love black bags and currently have three other black bbags: medium matelasse, city w/GGH and step. Which day should I add to my collection? TIA!

    PS My other option is a Coach Bleeker Duffle in black...
  2. I vote for SGH- I love Black with SGH! H O T!!!!
  3. I have a Black Day with SGH and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! The SGH makes a casual bag just a tad bit dressier and I just love the edgy look it gives to the bag. I like RH as well but i find it really would be to casual for me. Not to mention the leather on the SGH bags is in my opinion way nicer than most RH bags, its honestly the best leather I have!
  4. Absolutely go with SGH. It's so pretty!
  5. I vote for RH...
    But SGH are also great with Black
  6. hi gwen!

    since you have three other black bags already, one w/ GGH, and the other two w/ RH, I suggest the Day w/ the SGH. I think it would make a great addition to your fabulous collection.

    Good luck! :heart:
  7. I really like the classic day in RH but SGH is very pretty and I want some as well why not get a day in plomb with sgh in my opinion that's one of the nicest combo's.
  8. SGH all the way!!!!
  9. Black RH~ Classic :tup:
  10. I just voted, and it's deadlocked at 6-6! Looks like you really can't go wrong either way!
  11. I vote for RH!! RH gives that classic look!!
  12. Well, you aren't going to believe it! I walked into NM undecided about RH or SGH on my black day bag.... and walked out with a violet city w/RH! The bag was just so gorgeous w/great leather, I couldn't resist! Guess my black day will have to wait! :graucho:
  13. Congrats can't wait to see the pics, the color is really tdf lucky girl!:tup:
  14. violet is a gorgeous color to buy in place of a black bag!! violet is def one of those knockout color that will have lasting power just as much as the black sgh....which i voted for!!! black will always be a color you can buy so violet is a great choice.....congrats!!
  15. SGH gets my vote!