Black Day/Hobo from 2005

  1. does that mean that you currently own it and are the seller or that you are going to buy it?

    sorry to be dense:smile:
  2. I was the seller, but it sold (insert "raise the roof" emoticon here!) to an awesome pf'er!
  3. ^^ I was too slow:sad:
  4. Mucho congrats, tln!!!:flowers:
    Wow, let me also add, whoever bought this bag is one lucky pf'er! I just realized this is from the s/s '05 collection.
    tln, you have such great bags!
  5. :yahoo:

    (thanks TLN!)
  6. LIVE- you found your PERFECT black bag!!! Congrats Lake!:yahoo:
  7. Zac - it gets even better. Joseph called me today to tell me he finally found me a perfect black city :yahoo: . I had a BNY credit so it's like getting two black bags for the price of one (at least that's what I'm telling DH if he asks :angel: )
  8. OMG!!!! Yippee for you!!!! When it rains it pours!!!!:lol: I'm sure your husband will definitely have the same thought! Yeah right!:wtf:
  9. Congratulations to seller and buyer. Beautiful bag!! :drool: