Black croc stamped Sac de Jour or Sunset?

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  1. Hi all, please help me to decide between the Sac de Jour (nano or baby size) in black croc stamped, or the Sunset in the same leather.

    I used to have only big bags but it appears the trend has moving away from these for some time now and crossbodies are more in fashion. I only take a big tote style bag to work now. Also, I have a toddler and big bags just don't work with my lifestyle anymore, so I've been looking for a decent crossbody bag for a while now. I've just bought the Gucci Marmont camera bag and am deciding whether to keep it or not. I may keep it but I've decided I'd like a more special bag too and I love Saint Laurent. I have seen the Saint Laurent Sunset in the sale but my husband thinks it's a bit too blingy for the daytime with the silver metal chain and the silver YSL, as well as the shiny croc leather, BUT I love the look of the YSL metal logo and the croc stamp, plus it's in the sale. I also love the Sac de Jour and would love to get it in the small size but for reasons mentioned above I don't think it's very practical. Therefore, out of the baby and nano size and the Sunset, which would you go for, bearing in mind I have a toddler? I do have a long wallet so I'm not sure how that would work with any of the bags; I may need to downsize my wallet!!! TIA.
  2. Given your needs....Baby SDJ
  3. How much does it fit?
  4. NANO SAC DE JOUR i loveee the black croc so heardwearing, I got mine in beige because I needed a beige one but I regret it because of color transfer. The nano vs the baby looks so much better crossbody and top handle, while the baby looks better on the crook of the arm. You can fit loads in the nano, but you might need to downsize your wallet (atleast I had too). I carry a makeup pouch my keys, a tangle teezer and a mini wallet with still more space
  5. I have a Nano SDJ in black croc and silver hardware.
    I really love the aesthetic of the bag. It looks nice as a crossbody as well as a top handle. The shiny croc pump makes the bag really glamorous yet edgy at the same time.
    The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t fit my continental wallet and sunglasses case inside. I can fit a card case, a small makeup pouch, a key chain and a portable charger inside. If you carry lots of stuff, Baby SDJ may be a better idea. Another thing is there is no zip closure so things easily fall out of the bag when the bag is toppled when you are driving.
    For me, the aesthetic of the bag outweighs the cons so I’d totally recommend the SDJ. In fact, I am actually thinking about getting another nano SDJ in powder grain leather.
  6. be so careful in getting it in a light color, I just find the grain leather isnt very hardwearing and it will color transfer.. im scared to wear mine honestly because its so delicate.. really wish I got the black croc or grey
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  7. Thanks for the tip. I'm leaning towards the black croc but then I saw the grey croc and the fog grained leather. Do you think there would be colour transfer on either of the two greys?
  8. I think the baby would suit my needs more as I like room to carry things such as a compact umbrella as well as a wallet etc, but I'm not sure how nice it looks crossbody. I think the nano looks better worn that way.