Black croc-embossed OS Muse versus large patent Tribute?

  1. I just got both of these bags and am thinking that it’s silly to have two sizeable black patent bags, even though one is croc-embossed. The Tribute is sleek, simple, and low-key in black patent, and the OS Muse is more flamboyant (and bulky-looking) in croc-embossed patent. Can anyone provide any pros/cons to owning one bag over the other? Also, do these bags ever go on sale, or are they considered classics, and thus, never get marked down? TIA!
  2. I have both the bags as well, the Black croc embossed patent OS Muse and a Navy blue patent Tribute (which looks almost black in certain light). I must say, while I love both the bags, I get more use out of my Tribute as it easily sits on my shoulder while the Muse does not. When I carry lots of stuff, I like that I can have it on my shoulder.

    Because the styles are so different, I don't think that it's a bad thing owning both. You can never have too much patent (or too many YSL bags!). Perhaps you can exchange the Tribute for another colour, there are some fabulous colours out there!
  3. The Tribute for sure. I use it much more than my Muse. The tribute is lightweight, functional and can be used rain or shine =)
  4. I don't like the embossed so I vote tribute
  5. Have you considered switching the bags' features? I personally like the O/S Muse in plain black patent, and the Tribute in black quilted croc patent. The Muse to me seems beautiful when the shape by itself is showcased w/o any added details, while the Tribute is such a simple casual tote that it is best shown with the quilted texture or with a strong punch of color...such iconic images for YSL imo.
  6. Thanks, everyone--your points are well-taken. While I am pretty sure that I am keeping the Tribute, given that it can be easily carried on the shoulder, I may keep the Muse anyway. Switching the textures might be the answer--good suggestion. And I certainly agree that "You can never have too much patent (or too many YSL bags!)." Words to live by...
  7. ^ Good luck! I hope you'll be happy if you decide on the switch. I do love how YSL does patent. The Muse in black patent O/S is such a statement, and the mock croc quilting really adds dimension to the Tribute's slim profile. Post pics once the deed is done!