Black croc carryall- PLEASE let me know if you see this

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  1. I have been looking for this at the local outlets and none of them have it and they said none in my state/their district. Please pm me if you see one that I can put on hold and do a chargesend for or something. Thank you!
  2. I think they are pretty rare.. someone mentioned JAX has 17 or so...
    I hope ya find one!! Good luck.
  3. I went inside to the outlet and returned the grey croc carryall (kept other stuff for now). I told them how bad I wanted the black and that I really had settled for the grey. I asked again if they could do chargesend for a black. The manager came over and told me they could order it from JAX and I would get all the same discounts. I just had to pay the $10 for shipping. You probably have to go into your outlet to do this though.

  4. See that is what I am talkin about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow! I wish it were that easy to get the bag without having to hunt and stalk the outlets all the time. Coach seriously needs to just have sales in the boutiques so we don't have to do all this bag hunting.

    I really hope you get your black carryall paula! Definitely post pics!

  6. wow... I didn't even know this is even possible!!!!!

  7. I never knew this was possible either! In the past I heard that people had to order it and pay fp if they wanted it
    just returned my small black croc maggie that i got on friday w/out a coupon- and my outlet ordered the black croc carryall for me AND i got $50 refunded! LOL!

  9. sweeeetttttttt
  10. Now THAT is Olympic level shopping - probably a gold metal performance!!
  11. I've heard this once before, ages ago. You're a very lucky girl!! Congrats!!