Black Crash TME Midi arrived!

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  1. Yesterday, I received my Black Crash TME Midi from Clutch Seattle. It's a gorgeous bag! I now understand why some of you have been so excited about the TME.

    Here are my initial thoughts:
    The size is just right for me. Everything I normally carry with me fits in the bag with room to spare, definitely a plus since I don't like the overstuffed look. The Midi doesn't overwhelm me, but I think the regular size would be a little too big for me. For reference, I am almost 5'6".

    The Black Crash leather is interesting. I've read so much about it and the regulars on this forum have always insisted that Black Crash is a must have. I hope it is as durable as everyone says because I plan on keeping this bag for a long time. I admit I was caught off guard when the sun hit my bag for the first time today. It looks a bit flashy in the sunlight, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

    The organization of the bag is great. I love the outside pocket, the three inside pockets, and the divider. Yes, I have the divider. No, I'm not removing it!

    As far as style and function, this bag is in a class of its own. I wanted a black bag that would work with both casual and business clothing. This is it. I can wear it to work with my dressy clothes and I can wear it outside of work with jeans and a nice top. Also, it looks great worn messenger style. So many bags have that option, but don't look right when worn that way. The TME Midi falls just right with the messenger strap. I wore the bag today on my shoulder was happy to see that the bag is light and the straps stay on my shoulder.
    I originally ordered a Plum Crash MMS Midi, but returned it because it didn't look good on me and didn't feel comfortable on my shoulder. I never thought I'd get the TME Midi since I'm not a big fan of the drawstring look. However, the two snaps keep the bag secure and I can leave the drawstrings alone.

    That's all! I'll put in a few pictures since I know that a lot of you like to see pictures.

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  2. it looks great on you!!
  3. Sharp! :coolpics::ty:
  4. Msterling, that bag looks amazing on you.

    I cannot wait to get this style.
  5. I'm so glad you got it. It really looks fantastic on you.
  6. Great looking bag!! Congrats - you'll get plenty of wear from this BE staple. Love the Black Crash!!:tup:
  7. I think you'll find that as the Black Crash leather softens and gets slouchy, it gets less shiny/crashy -- and just looks even more fabulous. Enjoy. We're bag twinnies.
  8. finzup and honey1 - Thanks!

    Contessa - I'm amazed that you don't have one yet! But, I know that you are favoring the WTM right now.

    Suzi - Thanks! It was fun chatting with you. I hope you love your Chocolate TME Midi. I bet you'll eventually get the Black Crash TME Midi that's on your wishlist.

    Bali - This bag is definitely a keeper. I'll never catch up to you, but I now have 4 BE bags and 2 BE accessories!

    TG - Your review, along with pictures of the TME Midi from Cilifene and SHC, played a major role in my decision to buy this bag. You have great taste in bags, so I pay attention to what you say about them!
  9. Msterling.....Oh that is such a gorgeous BE...I never thought I would see a bag that wore the black crash leather as well as the Love Me...but this one is stunning!! It looks great on you too.
  10. I have a couple coming my way!! The cervolux choco and Lovebags has yet again twisted my arm into a full size Tan TME!

    Btw Ladies.....Tan isn't just for summer anymore. Tan is year 'round HOT Baby!!
  11. That's right! I forgot about the TMEs that are on the way for you.

    I agree with you on the Tan. I've been using my Tan SMM more this fall than I did in the summer. The color looks amazing when worn with dark colors. A Tan TME Midi would be great, but I think I have enough bags for right now.
  12. ^^^ I'm waiting a few months for tan TME, so if you want one after the holidays we will be doing a bespoke. I'll just be drooling all over Lovebags and Contessa's tan bags until then.
  13. ^^^^Hmmm...sounds interesting to me.....I've never done a bespoke before...
  14. WOW!!! :drool: looks perfect on you. This is a classic bag you will enjoy for years to come!!! Congrats! x
  15. Wowza! Great choice and you wear it well!! :tup: