Black Crash Rock Me Midi?

  1. If you got an RM, what leather would you want it in? I want an RM too, but I already have a black bag and don't need another.
  2. There's a pewter RM midi up on the BE site and it is $765 so hopefully this would be $765 as well, minus 10% = $688 and change... again nothing confirmed, only speculating :smile:
  3. I would be very happy with that price!

    I did write to BE earlier today, but haven't heard back. They may have left the office by then. I am on my work computer and didn't have access to email except via our system so I used the form on the website. So, I'm guessing we won't hear back until tomorrow.

  4. I just got my RM Midi in Pewter yesterday and it is amazing! So much that I am definitely thinking I need one in something chocolate :nuts:
  5. Oh, YES! You do most definitely need BE Chocolate in your life! In fact, I think Willy Wonka was Jackie's great-great uncle on her father's side. Jackie played with Oompa Loompas when she was little, so she REALLY knows her chocolates. Which BE bag and leather have you in mind for this delectable color?

  6. I heard back from Jackie and that is the price!:yahoo:

    She is checking to see if we can do both sizes, but she did advise anyone who is unsure to go smaller because the regular is very large.
  7. Any chance of getting modeling pics? No pressure. I would just love to see the midi on a normal person.
  8. :yahoo: I'm so excited! Suzi, I hope this happens! I think it'd be a stupendous bag! I've only been curious so far about black crash but putting this style together with black crash leather really did it for me! Crossing my fingers that we can find enough gals for this to go forward now.... :tup:
  9. Tempting, very very tempting!
  10. Yes, yes! I will get some today and post later. I am really in love! My first BE and I am sure...not my last :smile:

    Moonfancy I am so in love with the RM Midi that I might just do a chocolate one. But, the Enchant Me is calling my name, too.
  11. Extremely! I'm going to keep an eye on this thread... I hope you ladies can get everyone you need!
  12. I don't know Moonfancy...just not black crash...or any pretrol...I have a lot of that...Shark would be pretty...
  13. ^ You should have done the dark gray matte that was on sale. That leather is amazing!
  14. I wish purple crash was still available.. that would look fab... (not that the black crash won't look amazing)
  15. OMG sorry again to hijack.. but what about green crash?