Black Crash MMS or TME Owners - Can I hear from you??

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've been considering Either an MMS or TME style in the black crash leather and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.....Do you like the bag? Is it a good design for the black crash leather? Any insights are greatly appreciated!!
  2. Well... I don't have a TME in black crash but I have the LM in black crash, which, to me is very similar in style, and I think the TME would be outstanding in black crash!
  3. I bought the TME Midi in Black Crash in October and used it just about every day from then until now. You can see my initial thoughts in the thread below that I started in October.

    After 3 months of use, there is no sign of wear on the bag. I love that about the Black Crash leather! It is my favorite bag and I like the TME Midi style so much that I bought another one in the Wine color. As much as I love the Black Crash, I probably won't wear it much in the spring and summer since I mainly use black bags in the fall and winter.
  4. I have the Black Crash TME midi and love it! I don't usually get black bags either but this one is truly unique! My first BE bag was the TME midi in Petrol and I really like the TME in the black crash better! It hangs well and is smooshes close to your body. Here are some photos!

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  5. I have the black crash TME and I love the bag. My crash leather is glossy but not at all metallic. It has not shown any wear at all since I bought it in December. I think it is going to be very durable.
    Also, it's light and comfortable to carry, and fits nicely on my shoulder.
  6. I have the MMS in chocolate crash and I LOVE it!! It's great for traveling....I've got it with me in Denver right now at a conference. I carried my laptop in it!! At first I thought it was just HUGE but loved having all the more chocolate crash. It's a handy bag for toting around stuff, such as my gloves and shawl in the winter. I think it's gorgeous, nad I think the black crash would look dynamite in this style as well.
  7. Bali, I have the TME in black crash and it's awesome!!! It was gifted to me by a VERY special friend of mine and it's one of my absolute fave bags ever.

    Such a classic and SO easy to carry. GET ONE!!! You won't be sorry!
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  9. Bali - My black crash TME Midi is probably my favorite BE ever! It is the perfect size and easy to get into. It can be worn three ways and it always looks brand new. The bag totally rocks imo. I wear black all fall and winter, then brown all spring and summer. I will be wearing this one for years.
  10. Thanks ladies for all your feedback!! - I'm going to give this a serious think!