Black crash LMM at Museten

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  1. Just wanted to let you all know that I returned a black crash LMM to Museten today. Should be arriving in a few days since I used Fedex Ground. It is a gorgeous, tdf bag -- just not quite right for me! Anyway, since it may be one of the only ones left just wanted to give you all the heads up just in case any of you were looking for one. BTW, Cindy is great to deal with!
  2. Thanks for sharing this info^^^^^. It is so nice to have a heads up when we are all looking for things. Very kind of you to take the time and care.
  3. May I ask why? Too small, the color or material? I am thinking of a Black Crash Make Me Smile so I just wondering!
  4. No, no, the color and the leather are fabulous!!! In fact, they made it hard to let it go. :crybaby: It's just that I'm 5'11" and need to stick with the full size LM!