Black Crash LM bespoke (you know you want one!)

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  1. There's always been interest in this gorgeous bag. I've borrowed Jenova's pic to illustrate its beauty.

    Anyone in the mood to grab a discount via the 8 required??? I'm considering a Midi for myself.......:graucho:

  2. OMG-you're tempting me all the time :faint:
    I just a couple of hours ago made a list of the incoming bags-and was a bit :wtf:-and now this!!
    Oh yes, this is a really good bag, can't miss a chance like this :yes:
  3. What a beauty! I'm almost sure I want one. Subscribing to this thread to stay updated.
  4. I'm in!
  5. Contessa don't you have a full size black crash Love Me? I LOVE mine!!
  6. Me me!:love: A midi would be fabulous!
  7. Lizardo, I'd love a Midi in this leather.

    Come to think of it, wouldn't you??? ;)
  8. You would have me in the poor house Woman!!
  9. What are you up early trying to steal all the Sample sale deals? hahahahahaha
  10. Ahhhhhh Lizardo........always averting attention to others (mainly ME) so as to distract from the one true culprit (mainly YOU)

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :nuts:
  12. I'm in too!
  13. Hey Contessa - why post mine when you have the smooshiest Black Crash Love Me on the planet? Please post that pic of your bag reclining in its glory again!
  14. I have the Black crash LM full size and in the mini size. Do I need a midi as well???

    hmmmmmmmm... temptations abound!!!
  15. I think I would prefer this bag to my Black Crash TME, but don't know if the extra pocket would make that much of a difference. I do prefer some of the design elements.

    Consider me an enthusiastic maybe at this point and I'll watch to see how it goes. I think I would need to be able to re-home my TME if I'm going to get this bag. I missed out on one listed on Bonanzle awhile ago and have been thinking about it since.