Black Crackled Patent Jumbo Flap--pic!

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  1. Here's the latest addition to my collection--the crackled patent jumbo flap with silver chains from the cruise line. I fell in love with this bag the other day and finally decided to order it. While I was in the Chanel store admiring the bag my naughty daughter snapped this pic. We were immediately told there was no picture taking allowed, but since they didn't make her delete the photo I thought I'd share.

    This bag is far more beautiful in person. The patent has a gorgeous crackled finish that adds depth (and resists fingerprints). I will most more pics when this little lovely arrives.

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  2. wow, that is gorgeous!!!! can you tell me more info such as when this bag is set to release? retail? location? hehe thanks in advance!
  3. This bag is already in Chanel stores. It comes in jumbo for $1895 and also medium, which I believe is $1795, but I'm not positive. Nordstrom and Neimans seem to only be carrying the smaller size, but you might want to double check. I called around yesterday and that's what I was told. The Chanel SA said these bags are selling very quickly so I'm happy I was able to grab one!
  4. ohhhh, i love it, valerieb! can't wait to see more pics when you get yours.
    i love the crackled patent.
  5. Oof it's gorgeous. Go daughter!
  6. OMG!! She's such a beauty--I LOVE her. That's a great flap bag that you'll love for years! I can't wait to see your pics when you receive her! Congrats!
  7. CHanel SCP will be carrying them starting Tuesday or getting more in shipment. Can't remember which one was it.
  8. Oh my that's beautiful!!!! I want one too now :drool:
  9. that's beautiful i love it
  10. Valerieb, that's an absolutely stunning bag. I love it. Congrats. =)
    Can't wait to see more pictures.
  11. I saw a women trying this on and also the white patent medium flap on Friday in Selfridges in London. She bought the jumpo black patent. I heard the SA mention that they also had it in in black leather and peach patent.

    I bought the MC large tote in black last month but I am now having serious cravings for this bag.

  12. That's beautiful . In btw..great picture, i think yr little girl is a great photographer.;)

    What the style no. of this patent jumbo bag? Thks in advance.
  13. phroar wowieeeeeeeee!!! not usually a fan of patent but... :love:
  14. I love it. its gorgeous!!
  15. Beautiful!!!!!