Black Cotton Club Walet *Pics*

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  1. I want to solicit honest opinions of this wallet. IRL it is pitch black; these photos were taken outdoors in natural light.

    Does the leather look too distressed, giving it the feel of a man's wallet? I purchased via charge-send and wasn't able to compare two side by side. I have the CC tote in blue but couldn't find the blue wallet. What's interesting is my tote is made in Italy and the wallet in France, and the leather on the wallet is softer than the tote.


  2. I have this wallet in khaki - it's great! I love it.:heart:
  3. Great wallet!! Functional but very beautiful.
  4. pretty!
  5. Mon, I'd love to see it in khaki - more feminine! There isn't a pic in the reference library that I could find?
  6. I like this wallet, very pretty!
  7. I think it's beautiful. It will wear like iron too.

    I have the silver CC Tote and I really enjoy it. I do like the distressed leather.

  8. Love it!!!!!!
  9. I purchased this exact gorgeous wallet for my best friend 3-4 months ago at NM and the bottom part of the wallet where the fold is- is starting to fade possibly from rubbing!? I chose this style for her because of the distressed leather with hopes of it lasting and looking gorgeous for a long time. Hmm.. she's only had it for 4 months tops.. Anyone have this issue? Back to the topic I think it looks very feminine with an edge!!!
  10. I like it, looks simply and professional yet trendy and feminine.

    you know in Barbados, they call that a "purse" and a purse a "handbag". wild isn't it?
  11. i think it looks great, i love the distress look and it looks very soft.
  12. I love it!!!!!!
  13. Roey, the leather on this wallet is gorgeous. I don't think it looks like a men's wallet at all. But because it doesn't have any hardware on it, I would prefer it in a lighter color.

  14. Stephanie, I think you hit the reason why I'm iffy on this wallet - the lack of hardware. Due to my indecision, I called Lucas (our CHANELboy) at Nordstrom MOA today to order the black/black patent long Cambon wallet since I had a $60 rewards certificate to apply. I think I may send this CC wallet back to Lisa at NM in exchange for either the pearly/silver color or a different wallet altogether.
  15. Thanks for your pictures. I think the wallet looks great! Congratulations on a great buy! :tup:

    My SA has this wallet on hold for me, but I have to admit that I have little doubts about it (I have not seen the wallet in real ife). But after seeing your pictures, I was sold!

    No, I don't think it looks like a man's wallet. It looks classy. Enjoy your wallet.