Black Cotton Club Tote!!

  1. I didn't get my hands on it since DH was body blocking the opening to the Chanel Boutique (much to the glee of the other husbands walking past) :cursing: but as we walked past yesterday afternoon, NM Chanel in Charlotte, NC had a black Cotton Club Tote in the display window. I remember some of you saying you wanted it in black. Ring up Natasha! :yahoo:
  2. Practice deeking (sp), the hockey move -- pretend to go one way and zip around and head for the goal (or in your case, Chanel). You will impress him with your keen maneuver, and of course, an element of surprise is on your side!! (Be sure you have the keys to the car, just in case he decides to continue the play.)
  3. He's a hockey player (defense), jmen. He knows all the moves, drat it! :blah: