Black Color Family - PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post any photos of your Balenciaga bags in the Black color family.

    Please indicate the color name, style, season and year of the bag you are posting.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. 2001 Pebbled Black Classique
  3. 2001 Black Classiques

    left - smooth leather 2nd season
    right - veiny and crinkly leather 3rd season
  4. 2002 Black Hobo
    2002 Black Flat Hobo
    2002 Black Classique
    fb1.jpg 02_black_fb_flat_hobo.jpg 02_black_fbf_front.jpg
  5. 2006 Black/Black First
  6. 2002 Black Suede Zippered Hobo
    2002 Black Suede Classique
    02_black_zipper_hobo_front.jpg 02_black_suede_first.jpg
  7. 2004 Black Twiggy
  8. Black Work: F/W 2005
  9. '04 black mini-classique

  10. '06 black shrug

  11. 2003 black first silver/pewter hardware.
  12. 2006 Black City

    2004 Black Aviator
  13. 2005 Shopping
    bbag 001.jpg
  14. The First F04

    The City SS06

    The City F06

    The City F06

    The New Flat Messenger SS07
    The Large Matelassé SS07
  15. 07 Black day with GH and 06 medium matelassé