Black Color Family....Pics Only!

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  1. 40 er Birkin, black,TC

  2. Kelly 35cm, PH, clemence, J stamp
  3. 32cm Kelly togo with palladium hardware

  4. 35 cm Black Box Birkin with Gold HW:love:

  5. My [​IMG][/IMG]Birkin 35cm Swift leather, PHW, K stamp
  6. 1960 Black box Kelly bag 32 cm
  7. Kelly , Sellier, Fjord, black, 32 ,
  8. Here is pic of my black family.

    Black porosus croc birkin 30 with palladium
    Vintage black box retourne kelly 28 with gold
    Black box constance 18cm
    Black matte lizard birkin 25 with ruthenium
    Black alligator plume elan with gold
    Black box jige elan
    Black niloticus croc kelly elan with gold

  9. Lindy 35cm black clemence, phw
  10. Two Kellys, 35cm and 40cm, both phw and clemence leather
  11. Matte black 35cm Birkin in porosus croc, phw
  12. Birkin 35 cm Black
    H2_Car.jpg H_Car1.jpg B_BlackScarf.jpg B_redScarf.jpg B_OrangeScarf.jpg
  13. Birkin 30cm Togo w/pal hardware
  14. Black Togo w/GH (35cm)

    35cm togo with GH.jpg black 35cm togo.jpg
  15. Black Box Kelly 32cm with palladium hardware:heart: