Black Color Family....Pics Only!

  1. Black 32cm Togo Kelly w/Palladium Hardware
    Black Kelly.JPG
  2. Black 30 swift palladium HW
    black birkin1.jpg black birkin.jpg
  3. more... swift 30 palladium harware
    black birkin2.jpg birkin black2.jpg
  4. 32 black chevre sellier Kelly with GH
    Kelly-front.jpg Kelly-back.jpg
  5. 30 Dark grey croc
  6. JPG Clemence black Palladium

  7. here's a better pic of my epsom 35 black with GH birkin:

  8. Black Ostrich Sellier Kelly 32cm w/gold hw
  9. Black 30 vache leigee birkin with PH
    DSCF0876.JPG DSCF0877.JPG DSCF0872-2.JPG
  10. Black 40 Fjord Birkin with GH
    DSC07993.jpg DSC07999.jpg
  11. Black Clemence in 35cm Victoria Fourre-Tout (new SS2007 bag)

    Photo Credit: orchids

  12. Black Box Calf Kelly 25 with Gold h/w


  13. 25cm Lizard Birkins

    Photo Credit: mika's blog (thanks to pazt for posting it on the forum)

    Thank you, tokyogirl for your help in translating the names. Thank you all about bags for the spelling of Blanc Casse.

    - Orange
    - Violet
    - Rouge Moyen
    - Noir / Black
    - Blanc Casse
  14. Black 35cm Birkin in Evergrain with PHW