black coin purse

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  1. Ohhh olfa ... thank you for letting us know :flowers: :nuts: ! I'm interested but as long as I understand the description she's only willing to shipment in France, right ?! I've asked her about this and for more details - we will see.
    Thanks again :love:
  2. Hey, I bought this last month! Grrrrrr.

    Just kidding ladies, hope you get it Firstclass! Good luck.
  3. Oh Cal .... would you like it too :confused1: :yes: ??
  4. Yes I've noticed that too, but sometimes on Ebay france people have no clue they may get intl interest :shrugs: and may actually agree on shipping abroad when asked (I'm living in Germany right now and just bought stuff off Ebay France, received it very fast and the seller didn't originally stated he would ship internationally:wacko: ), that's why I keep on posting these (well the seller can also be super adamant on shipping only within France, but what do we have to loose, asking?). Let us know firstclass! :flowers:
  5. Lol - No Firstclass - it's all yours. I was making a joke as the last auction Olfa posted was actually a bag that I'd bought late last month but haven't received.
  6. :lol: OK Cal . . . I didn't know this :rolleyes: !! So .... we will see, I'll let you know ;)

    THANKS Olfa for your help :flowers:
  7. Here's a trick: after you load the ebay page, go up to the URL address and change the "fr" to "com" and reload. Then you will at least see more of the listing info in English... ;)
  8. I just sent her a message( in my limited French) to see if she would ship to the US...even though I never buy from zero feedback sellers...
  9. Good luck, Firstclass!
    So cute!
  10. I sent the seller 3 messages and I havent heard figures, its a zero feedback seller....

    edited for a typo...
  11. Hey, thanks for the "fr" to "com" trick. I had no idea!

  12. same here :sad: