Black Coco Cabas

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  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has 3 black coco cabas available for $1995.
    Coco Cabas Black.JPG
  2. hi chanelboy
    thanks for the update. i'm struggling the cabas with the expandable flap (as attached, pic borrowed from a PFer) in black. does your store happen to have one and what's the price? which one is more durable? :smile:
  3. The expandable flap went up to 2650...yikes.....I have both bags....^I like them in different ways.
  4. thanks jill. so if u can only buy one, what'd it be?
  5. Wow...Thanks CHANELboy.
  6. Hello billbill,
    I happened to have both and they're both user- friendly bags... you can use it eveyday. But if you want me to choose one, I'll definately go with the Exp flap!!!!
    more unique.
  7. Hello Chanelboy
    I remembered seeing a Blk Exp tote in Hawaii....but not the one we normally see here at PF.
    It's a wider version ( more retangular) and the chain is quite short with draw strings on the side.
    Do you happened to have it in your store?
    I want it in anything but white...thanks
  8. I like the Coco Cabas bag better. Both bags are great, but if I had to choose one I would pick the Cabas.

    PS: All of the ones we had left we sent to Hong Kong this morning.
  9. Nordstrom MOA received 3 more black pieces today if anyone is still looking for this piece.
  10. Is it entirely impossible to get the PVC cabas bag or the denim cabas bag now? I missed out last year. Shelly
  11. I know that the denim bags are all gone from Nordstrom's inventory.

  12. How about the PVC cabas?
  13. Those have been long gone for quite some time now.
  14. CHANELboy,

    Will there be any large size original Coco Cabas with CC logo in front available in future? Thanks a lot!
  15. I have not heard of any being available in the future, but you never know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.