Black Coco Cabas available at Saks

  1. Sak's at Somerset Mall has recieved the Black Coco Cabas (large in caviar leather). I found one back in February but if you're looking call Sak's ASAP to get it. Ask for Mary.
  2. Thank you so much for posting!! You are a sweetheart :heart:

    I just called and it is the baby Cabas...$1795. I hope one of y'all snags it!
  3. I got one today. Thanks-
  4. Hi

    is it still available? Im from Australia, will they do international shipping?

  5. ooooooooooh i got excited, but it's the baby.
  6. Really? It was supposed to be the large...
  7. Me too LOL :p I literally dropped everything I was working on and googled the Somerset Saks phone number!! Mary was a sweetheart and described the bag for me in detail. The biggest giveaway was the quilted bottom and no interlocking CCs on the side, just the medallion.

    Thanks again for posting Lauren!! :flowers: PS - I told Mary I was your friend...hope you don't mind :shame:
  8. I just tried calling and the sales associate I spoke with (Mary) had no idea what I was talking about (re: the cabas). Are the bags in today? Is there still a waitlist for these bags? I'm on Diane's list but did not hear from her.... Thanks.
  9. Apparently they only received 1 and it's gone already.
  10. these things go so quick!