black clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. veeeeeeeeeeeery pricey.
  2. Oh, that seller. Yeah, she always has her stuff priced crazy high. Black make-ups aren't sold out. I think someone posted recently about getting a black make-up clutch from Saks.
  3. Thats waaaaaay too much for this. And almost $100 to ship a makeup bag? She has been trying to sell this for a while. Balny had it in black 2 weeks ago.
  4. yeah it is too much, but i thought it was the clutch and not the makeup.... either way, i'm not buying
  5. I almost suffered a heart attack! Good thing that clutch is out of my purse ban price range or I would have pounced on it.
  6. Is it about 875.00 US with shipping?
  7. ^It's $779.18 BIN or BO + nearly $100 shipping! :shocked: Based off her recent coin purse listing, it doesn't seem like she is willing to come down much in price.