Black cloudy bundle on sale at Saks

  1. I'll try to find a pic in the library, but I think it was originally about $2300 and it's marked down to $1500. My SA, Delyse is holding it for me until tomorrow night if someone wants it. Her number is 248-808-0712 and she'll be in Sunday. Tell her it's the bag on hold for April.
  2. can that style be worn over the shoulder?
  3. I presume this is the BOWLER, not the that correct? TIA!
  4. I don't think so, but I didn't try it on the shoulder. Here's a pic borrowed from the reference library:
  5. It must be the bowler..^^^ :smile:
  6. No, not the bowler, I think an e/w tote?
  7. WOW thanks...
  8. Oh ok, that's the EAST-WEST CB Tote :yes:
  9. The pic I posted is the exact bag. The people in the ref library are referring to it as the e/w tote.
  10. Who is going to get it? I know someone here is going to get up tomorrow and be the new mom!
  11. That is a great price.
  12. Is the E/W tote
  13. Nice!! So a few questions:

    1. How light is it??
    2. What kind of leather, durable?
    3. What kind of closure?
    4. Edited cuz I remembered another question..:smile:. What was the condition of the bag when you saw it? Any visible scratches/scuffs? I hate buying a bag unseen but it's just beautiful! I was looking at the CB's just today in the ref library!

    Thx a million! I'm interested in this bag since it's so simple yet elegant looking.

    Oh and does anyone who owns this bag or has tried it on know if it goes over shoulder easily?
  14. I borrowed the pic from thegraceful1, so she might be able to help more on some questions.
    1. The bag seemed to be light, but not insubstantial.
    2. Leather was soft, but don't know what type it was.
    3. Closure - no clue.
    4. If you call Delyse tomorrow, just tell her you are really picky (not saying you are, but this will keep her on her toes) and want to make sure it isn't scratched anywhere (leather or hardware). I'm sure she'll look it over for you really well.

    I really didn't seriously consider purchasing it for myself, because I already have plenty of black bags, so I didn't look it over too closely or try it on the shoulder. I suspected someone here might want it though, so I had her hold it.
    I hope that helps somewhat.
  15. thanks for sharing...i'm goin to call her soon to enquire this bag!!