Black Clemence Lindy and make up

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  1. hi all.
    I recently purchased a black Lindy in Clemence leather. I have started to use it as an everyday bag. But I seem to keep getting white patches on it which I believe it’s make up from my hands. I don’t really wear that much make up and i wash my hands all the time. I’ve never had this problem with my black Togo birkin. I was just wondering if this is something with the Clemence leather that attracts dirty more easily?! Does anyone else experience this with dark Clemence leather? Also what’s the best way to clean it off? Just rub a damp cloth? It’s driving me crazy I feel like I’m cleaning it everyday! :sad:
  2. If you like in a humid country it may jest the boom of the leather in which case just wipe with a barely damp cloth.

    Even if you use you fingers to put on makeup but then wash your hands straight after I can't see it being a problem. Makeup shouldn't go anywhere near any leather ever, it can stain permanently.
  3. Hi
    Thanks for your message. I don’t live in a humid country, I don’t use my hands to put on make up I use a brush. I don’t even reapply during the day. I’m not really sure how it happens. Maybe I touch my face during the day and it gets on my bag? But I don’t have this problem with any other bag. Wondered if it was common for dark Clemence colours.
  4. Could it be your hand moisturizer/lotion? I get white patches on my clemence leathers and know for a fact they come from my very concentrated hand moisturizer (I wash my hands a lot, so I moisturize a lot!). Sometimes you may think your moisturizer is totally absorbed into your skin, but depending on type of moisturizer, trace amounts of moisture such as sweat can bring it to the surface of the skin and on to our lovely bags! I usually take a damp cloth to blot gently on the leather.
  5. Strange question but do you use coconut oil as a moisturiser at all?