Black classic flap...which one??

  1. After going through the zillion bags I have I realized I still dont have a black classic flap..I want to get the black lambskin flap but should I get the old chain or the new one?
    The new chain has grown on me and looks sexy now...and Im eternally in love with the old chain..what do you chaneloholics say?
  2. I love the look of both, but I prefer the old chain for myself because the leather gives it a little more grip on my shoulders. I hate sliding straps.
  3. hi chanelobsessed! I'm facing the same dilemma too since I love both chains I'll just say what I would do:I'd get the new chain is really sexy as you said and can be worn up and down all year round -I have the red lambskin and I love it-then I would wait for some black edition with gold interwoven chain- lambskin always-for more classic/formal look...but before that I plan to get the new black metallic reissue!Have you thought of getting the last one first since it's a LE ???:idea:
  4. i LOVE the old chain, not a fan of the new one.
  5. Old chain for me too!!!!
  6. I'd go for the new chain :tup: it's different, sexy & sophisticated.
  7. I'd say go for the new chain.
  8. Since you don't have a classic flap, I would go with the classic chain on the black. And then you can add the new chain with red or white later.
  9. I think the new chain looks dressier. I have both styles of chain in the classic size (in lamb) and love them both, so I would buy whatever is available.
  10. Thanx you guys...I guess Id go for the new chain the old chain Ill get later on...and the metallic black is definitely on my list already xxx
  11. I like both of them, but the old chain, will always stay in style and is truly a classic so i would go with the old chain on the classic flap.
  12. I prefer classic old chain on classic flap, plus esp for black flap.
  13. You can't go wrong !
  14. I think the new chain only comes in silver tone, not gold, right? So, if you wear a lot of gold, go with the old chain as you can get it in either silver or gold tone.
  15. Old chain