:) black classic flap in TOKYO

  1. i am soon travelling to tokyo, and i really love the black classic flap bag in either small or medium.

    can anyone tell me if chanel is just as costly in japan? and how much this bag might cost me?

    also, is it possible to buy this bag duty free in japan?

    thankyou :love:

    this is my first post!
  2. I can't answer you question, but wanted to welcome you to the Chanel Forum. I am sure your question will be answered shortly.
  3. Unfortunately, all branded items in Japan are very expensive compared to everywhere else in the world.

    The cheaper option is to go to consignment stores.You might be able to pick up a bargain. Some of these places are quite hard to find. I suggest you go to a bookstore and pick up a magazine while you are there or if you have Kinokuniya bookstore near to you, and pick up a branded magazine. The branded magazine has addresses of these places. It would be written in Japanese, so you may need an interpreter or hire a good will volunteer (at tourist info centre in Tokyo, Japan, you can ask a person to show you the places you want to go, but you will have to pay for there transport, lunch/dinner etc. They don't get paid to take you around.)

    I only went to a couple of stores in Tokyo, the prices are similar to ebay prices, but i guess it depends where you go. Some of second hand items are in good condition. It's also great to pickup stuff that you aren't able to get anywhere else. They have a really good selection of bags and jewellery.

    I love Japan, i hope you have a good time, people are friendly and foods great and clean. Like myself, once you go, you'll want to go again.:yahoo:

  4. One of my SA's in Waikiki told me that she has many Japanese clients that come to her in Hawaii because it's much much cheaper than Japan, so If the Japanese are coming to the U.S. to buy, I wouldn't buy over there.:smile: