Black City

  1. Hi,

    I have been on an expensive purse ban, but have been lemming a Black Balenciaga for awhile. I think I am ready to take the splurge and get a Black City (to me that is the ulimate rocker chic bag and I don't want a colored one). I thought I heard that they were hard to get? I also would like to purchase from NM's since I can collect INCIRCLE Points.

    Also, does this size hold a lot?

  2. Hey Jen!

    I'm still a Balenciaga newbie and am sure others will jump in and correct me if I'm wrong but here goes.

    The black City is a wonderful Balenciaga bag! I don't think they are hard to get per say but you should start by looking at the different leathers (thick versus thinner leathers, veins, etc) so you can go into the purchase buying the Balenciaga that is right for you. The city size does hold a lot but it depends on what you're wanting to carry with you on a daily basis. There's a thread where people have posted photos what they carry in their Balenciagas that will give you an idea of what it holds. Whatever you decide, there will be a lot of good advice so enjoy experience!!
  3. I agree, I think the black City is the perfect rocker/biker chic bag!

    I got my ink City a few weeks ago and take it to work with me every day. It holds all my normal stuff (big wallet, big sunnies case, LV pochette, blackberry, bottle of advil, keys, packet of tissues) and I still have room to throw in a sandwich or paperback and a bottle of water. I took it shopping last weekend and was able to fit two smallish store bags in there.

    Amazingly, it doesn't feel oversized, I think because it's so soft... and it doesn't weigh anything!

    My Neiman's doesn't carry Balenciaga, but I think some do. If yours doesn't have the black City you want, they are really good about calling other stores to find stuff.
  4. I asked the Balenciaga store in New York a few weeks ago if they have a lot of black City bags to choose from (depending on your leather/distressing/thickness preference) and I was told they had a lot, literally 80 something to choose from. I would call them if that's the bag you want, many PFers put their trust in the SA's there to choose just the right bag.
  5. The Bob Ellis store in Charleston had at least one smooshy thick black City the last time I talked to Bill. They also have a generous return policy of 14 days either full refund or exchange until you're 100% satisfied! Bob Ellis Shoes You can call or email Bill for a list of their inventory/prices.
    Good luck! :yes:
  6. good luck on getting one:yes: i would call your local balenciaga store and speak with an SA about colors and leathers it helped me out tremendously!
  7. thanks for the info! that is so helpful! I'm considering a black city or first for later but good to know they have so many in stock! :yes:
  8. im tossing between a black city or the new part time! dunt think black is that limited tho!
  9. Black is not that limited and Bal NY always have black available.
  10. Good luck on your first purchase. The city is the perfect size I think it holds enough and you can easily dress it up or down.
    For a first purchase I would really advice going to a shop and tryng them on comparing the leathers etc...I think before doing so it's hard to know what you really want leatherwise.

    Have fun choosing:yes: