Black City

  1. I would love to see pictures of the GSH City next to the old-school HW City.

    Does anyone have both?

    Thank you, ladies.

  2. Here you go...
    black front.jpg black RH city.jpg
  3. I prefer GSH to the reg!
  4. I am the RH fans so I prefer the classic look of RH..
    The GHS looks so busy on the bag..:sweatdrop:
  5. I just STILL can't decide!
    I think the ONLY color I would consider the GSH on is the black.
    But I just can't decide.
    Thank you for your help, ladies.:tup:
  6. They are both really beautiful. I like both, but if I had to choose, I think that I would pick the GSH. I have to admit that the GSH is growing on me more and more.
  7. The GSH looks like more of a box"y" shape.

    Is it me? :sad:
    Or is it the photo?
  8. It's not just the pic--my GSH really is boxier than my RH bag. The GSH City measures 10" h X 14" w and the RH City measures 9" h X 14" w. My RH is my favorite bag of all time. I like the GSH too, but it's heavier and not as comfortable to carry.

    Good luck with your decision. You can't go wrong with a black B-bag!
  9. no tassles on GH bags.
    I felt like something was missing.
    There are NO tassles on the Giant City?