black city

  1. I am FINALLYYYY about to buy a black city from somebody in New York.
    However she is coming here to LA for vacation and I am going to see the bag for the first time.
    Where can we go to authenticate this bag?
    In other words- around where in the LA area is Balenciaga sold?
  2. How exciting for you!!

    If I were you, I'd take a bunch of pics and post on the "authenticate this" thread in the Bal shopping section.
    Include pics of the hardware/bales/tag etc.
    I think people here (not me, yet...!) are way more knowledgeable than a random SA you might encounter whom you don't know. Good luck.
  3. I second Blue's advice...I'd have your seller send over pictures before you see her/him and post them on the authenticate thread right away. How exciting! Congrats;)
  4. BHG offers a great option for you! :yes:

    actually... I am going to move this to the shopping sub since the OP's question is where are bbags sold.

    however, please post all questions of Authenticity here:

    :heart: ~D