Black City

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  1. I really want a black city, am I better off buying one from the store (is the new leather soft?) or should I buy one from someone on ebay (an older leather bag that was soft)?

    I was thinking I would get a Marron or VG city, but I think I am going to stick with the basic black and see if I can find a wallet or coin purse in Marron or VG.

    Anyone have an idea as to where I should get a black city?
  2. I am open to the part time if it was ever made in black.
  3. I think the variants in black are pretty wide, so if this is your first bbag, the ideal thing to do would be to go to a store with LOTS of black cities and go through them all to see which type of leather appeals to you.
  4. It won't be my first bbag, but I feel like my city is very limited in bbags.

    There aren't a lot.

    Thanks for your help!
  5. I say buy retail, this is the only way you will know how the leather is if that is an important factor to you.
  6. Thanks.

    I think this week I will check out the two or three places that sell bbags. I called two of them today and none of them have a black city or part time, but if I go and check out the leather on one bag, maybe it will give me an idea of what a black city or part time would feel like.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. I have a 07 black city and the leather is just great!! it's soft and thick and got a bit of distressing which is the way i like....

    i'd say go to the store and check out the 07 black first then if u can't find the one u like then try ebay :smile:
  8. Thanks. I will do that.

    The three stores near my home that carry Balenciaga do not have a black city, but I am sure I can check out another color and it will be the same right?
  9. Every City, even if it's two of the same color, has different leather textures that will affect the look and feel of the bag when it's new....but over time, they all start to "wear in" similarly and become comparably slouchy and soft. :yes: So I think the most important thing is to find a seller that will either describe in detail verbally or email you pictures of the bag itself so you can get an idea of its veininess (the biggest variable in terms of appearance), and then make your least that's what I'd do. lol. BalNY sometimes sends pictures, although it depends on how busy they are.

    Are you an Illini? :tup: So am I! (class of 96) "I! L! L!................."
  10. Kristy, on your 06 black city is the leather thinner (almost has a scaly feel as it wears in) and a bit shinier than some of the others?
  11. Actually, my 06 black city is a rather unique bag. The owner before me (original owner) had worked with Joseph at BalNY to look for a black city with ultra-smooth, non-veiny leather. It took them ONE WHOLE YEAR to find it, but they did! :P It is almost completely veinless, totally matte except for the slight gloss which smooth bags all have, and very, very smooshily soft and THICK! I totally lucked out. I basically got an '04 City-like bag for the '06 price! :tup:

    I also own an 06 black Work. This one is fairly wrinkly but is still very thick. The leather thickness and texture totally varies from bag to bag, even within the same color and year. HTH! :P
  12. Thank you SO much ladies!!!!

    I am just worried because there arent a lot of stores near me. When I call, no one has offered to take pictures for me.

    I guess it will become my mission.

    If anyone goes to a store and sees a Black City with smooth, soft leather, please let me know.


    Yes, class of 01!