Black City with SGH, GGH or RH and matching wallets?


Which Black City to get?

  1. SGH

  2. GGH

  3. RH

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  1. Hi girls, I need help deciding my final purse purchase before moving back to the cold north. Should I get a black city in SGH, GGH or RH? I would also get the matching wallets for whichever city I get. TIA!!
  2. I love my black city with RH BUT!!! I also love the GGH. It's so hawt!!
  3. ALSO...if I get the city with RH, do you think it would be weird to have the wallet in GSH? I saw that at NM the other day and fell in loveeeeeeeee
  4. Black with GSH is stunning! I love how GSH pops against Balenciaga leather. I wish they made the Extra Courier with GSH. My friend is also thinking about getting a Black GSH City. Good luck with your decision, please post pictures when you get your bag and wallet.
  5. I LOVE black with GH, either GGH or SGH - it's my dream bag! Since I can never decide which I like better, I would say go with GH in whichever metal you wear more of.
  6. I love the black with SGH, but Black with RH is such a classic, you can't go wrong with either! And no I don't think it would be weird to have a GSH coin with a RH City, I'd do it!
  7. i would go with the RH because its such a classic, but i love it in GGH too!
  8. I think you could def have a RH city with a GSH wallet. No need to match.