Black City with Brown Weave on Handle

  1. Soz Ladies,

    Still new to the world of Balenciaga, so pardon me if this is a dumb question! :shame:

    I saw this lady with a Black City while out shopping earlier. As I'd just got my first Bbag - a Black Work, :yahoo: I was checking out the differences. She had silver hardware which got me thinking that it was possibly one of the earlier years? But then the "weave" part on the handles of her bag were brown.

    Did the earlier bags have this design? Wherein the weaved bit was a different colour from the actual bag? Or did her handles get worn out, and she had the weave replaced with brown instead of black?

    Could someone please explain?

  2. fake? I'm new to balenciaga as well. But silver is from an older year. Maybe the experts could chime in on this one.
  3. I don't think the weave on the handles is ever supposed to be a different color. I've heard of there being variation of color, like orangey-red instead of red, but I don't think it should be brown. Hmm.