Black City SGH or RH???

  1. So after salivating over the yummy, yummy current season leather, I've decided to take the plunge and join you BBag lovers (my first BBag-- yay!!) Now, I know Bal is all about colors but I'd like to start out with black since I don't have a black bag and for the money, I'd like to invest it in something I know I can use A LOT! I'm sure I'd get addicted so will get on the colors soon enough...

    Now, on to my BIG question (not really a q, I just need some perspective)... I think that SGH looks amazing with black (as opposed to GH last season which is a little bling-y for me, just IMO). Anyhoo, I'm debating whether to get SGH or RH... the dilemma being that though I am absolutely in love with the look of the SGH since IMO it has more of the "luxe" (but not too much as the GH) appeal, the RH may be more versatile?? Say, when I'm wearing gold jewelry?? Is it tacky to mix gold jewelry with a bag that has silver hardware?? Will I be better off with the RH for versatility?

    Sorry for the long post but it would be nice to hear some thoughts. Thanks girls!!!
  2. I think the SGH is your best bet. It looks really nice.
  3. Regular Hardware
  4. I love silver and black. But for me personally the GSH is still too big. That said, if you can feel comfortable with it go for it, if it calls to you.
  5. Regular hardware- it's a classic and should be a staple in every Bbag girl's collection, IMO. A black city was my first Bbag and it's still my most used. Love the tassels.
    I like GH on certain bags but I personally feel it's too big for a city. Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  6. RH would be my choice! its a classic that u just HAVE to have! black with RH is ESSENTIAL for a new B-bag lover! good luck with your decision! keep us posted!
  7. IMHO, RH in black is more versatile, you can rock that with anything and everything :tup:
  8. I am thinking about getting a black city as well and considered both, but I think RH is better in the long run, knowing me I would grow tired of the SGH really quickly.
  9. I like the City in the RH. It's a great bag and goes with everything. I find the Giant hardware a little more limiting.
  10. I like the Black with Silver Giant hardware...HOWEVER, not in the city style. It just doesn't look proportional to the bag, it overwhelms it.

    That's not tacky to mix gold jewelry with a silver hardware bag. Again, and I say this all the time...

    if it's your thing, THEN it's your thing!
  11. Thanks so much for the opinions! I think the RH seems to be the winning bet.. Actually, I like the black and SGH combo but I have to agree that GH looks G (gigantic!) on a city-- maybe SGH on a brief looks more "proportional"....
  12. I love GH on the City *and* I love black with SGH (I think!) but I think you should go RH for your first one. Get a nice 07 with that scrumptious leather and you'll love it forever! :heart:
  13. another RH vote here
  14. i am more of a RH girl, so i am voting for the RH.
  15. I actually don't like the GH in gold but I love it in silver but I agree it's to big for the city, it looks better on the work or partime.