black city questions

  1. I went to the NM store and wanted to get a black city bag. But it seems everyone is different, some are smooth and shiny and some are veiny and crinkly. Even the black color is different. I asked the sales why they look so different, she just said because every piece of leather is different, is that true? The one I like which is veiny and crinkly and not a bright black color, she told me that is called "lead" color not black. Is there a color like this at all? Or it is just black?

    Inside the bag, the label says N 2076 U, what does 2076 mean?
  2. She's right. Pretty much every bag will be different. That's the fun of bbags! =)
  3. The lead color most likely is Steel/Plomb. As to the different leathers, I think that really is part of what makes Balenciaga bags so great! It's nice to have different textures for all types of different people to choose from. It's what makes our bags unique. Good luck on your hunt!