Black city or work?

  1. I am still looking for a black city:censor:

    I saw a couple on eBay but want opinions on the leather, so hard to tell from a photo:
    Or maybe a work? I'm 5"2 can someone post pics of a short person with a work please?
  2. my advice would be to buy it directly from a balenciaga store if you can...after drooling over the black twiggy bag for 3 years, i finally bought one may be crazy to pay $1K for a bag, but nothing else would do...and the sad truth is that 99% of all the designer bags on e-bay are fakes :sad:
  3. I'm 5-2 also and there's a photo of me with my black work on one of the threads --do a search for work and it should pop up. It's actually not all that much bigger than the city, but it's deeper and doesn't have the shoudler strap.