Black City or First

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  1. Hi everyone! I have the black first which I love BUT I've been thinking of getting a black city. Is it too much if I have one of each? Is that too boring? Or should I keep the first? Or sell the first and buy a city? Opinions?? Thanks ladies!! :biggrin:
  2. I have both and love both for different reasons. I use the First for going out and the City for everyday and work functions.

    Right now I like both but if I had to sell one it would be the first since I have a pewter one coming my way.
  3. If the first is the perfect size for you then keep it- that's what I would do. I would but a city in a different color.
  4. oh you found a pewter SpecialK? That's great! Congrats!
  5. Yup, just paid for it. Hope I like it in person as much as I do in pics! So much for freeing up funds :worried:
  6. SpecialK, remember me when/if you decide to ever part with your pewter First! By that time I should be able to afford another bag! (Trying NOT to think about the turquoise I am missing out on!)
  7. so ladies?? help! what should i do? buy the city and keep the first/sell the first? OR keep the first and pass on the city? decisions!! LOL
  8. Keep the First and get another colour in the City - like Ink;)
  9. sell the first to me ;) and buy the city. i love the first!

    but actually i agree with serenitysue, if you like the one you have, keep it. and get the city in black too since it's such a basic bag. or in another dark color.
  10. the ink is nice but it's not me. i prefer either black or bright colors!
  11. Sell the first and get a black city!
  12. What will be the main use of the bag? Going out? Every day StuFF? Work?
  13. well i have a lot of evening bags so maybe daytime use?
  14. For daytime use, the City is a bit larger than the First. I say sell me your pewter First and use the money to buy a City! LOL!
  15. Oh go for the City then! I love the city and only use the First as an evening bag. You wont' regret it. Mine is even the new leather and I love it!