Black City on 'Sunset Tan' on the E! Channel

  1. I agree, this is not a brilliant show, but I was watching it tonight while on my treadmill. during a very nasty arguement between 'The Olly Girls', Ania, and her boyfriend, I noticed that as Ania was carrying a black city. It looked authentic from what I could see. This is incredibly stupid, I know. THe bbag spotting was worth it.

    However, I am guilty of watching gobs of other mindless shows (Dr. 90210).....
  2. I have seen her carry it a few times....Definitely looks authentic. I LOVE those silly, drama shows! Though I am not too crazy about Ania. She is extremely pretty but her attitude ruins hers. But she had a nice Bbag!
  3. I have to admit Dr.90210 is one of my guilty pleasures. I tend to close my eyes during the operation scenes (makes me a little uneasy) :sick:, but my favorite family is Dr. Rey and Hayley. If anything, it's kinda fun to check out what clothes and handbags the women have.
  4. Oh My! I agree about Sunset Tan, they are so mean and superficial. I used to work in a tanning salon in Westwood when I was 18 or 19. Robin Wright Penn used to come in before she was famous or married. It wasn't a plasticky business way back then.
    I also watch Dr.90210 for the Rey family. I feel sorry for Hayley, wayyyyy to skinny with dark circles. I loved that Dr. Rey got united with his father. I watched tonight and I close my eyes during the surgery part too. I don't care for the new doctor-Will? The dark haired young, pompous , arrogant one with too much pancake make-up....
  5. Which one is Ania? One of the Olley girls?

    I haven't seen sunset tan in so long.. i can't remember.
  6. chloe, i thought i was the only one who felt bad for Dr. Rey's wife. perhaps it is the editing, but boy does she do alot and her still wants more. back off man! that lady needs a vaca without the dr and the kids.
  7. I'm sure that editing is part of it, but boy she needs some food and some sleep. Her eyes (the dark circles) scream eating disorder. How could you not have major pressure when you're married to a plastic surgeon?

    Verty_ Ania is another girl who works at Sunset Tan.