Black City~Great leather!!

  1. someone else just started a thread about it. :smile:
    It's great.
  2. oh my bad~ got too excited:yes:
  3. [​IMG]

    get a better look at the bales before you bid!
    they aren't quite square, but look a little wide, may be the angle?
  4. This is fall you guys think it is the thin or thicker leather? Can't tell about the bales
  5. It's looks thick and very soft. I thought it would be pre-spring 05 but if it's fall leather. It's very nice.
  6. Yeah.. problebly the angle.
  7. This is who I bought my apple green hobo from!:smile:
  8. The pics aren't so great but you can't beat the price.. I must say.
  9. my screen also makes the bales and side hardware look silver?? WTF? The rest of the hardware looks right...
    GAh! I must need a mid afternoon caffiene hit.
  10. I actually thought that too! Does that part of the brass hardware bags look a little silverish in real life or is it just the pics? Does anyone know? I don't have a city with brass hardware, just a hobo...
  11. Mine don't...I'd def. ask the seller. It is probably just the weird picture.
  12. it says the auction is for a twiggy??
  13. yeah.. she just sold a black twiggy. it's problebly from that.